Our Services

Advisory and Asset Management

In addition to the development of real estate assets on behalf of our clients, PenEquity also provides property, advisory and asset management services. Through strategies that are created to improve revenue and increase profitability, PenEquity actively manages, on an ongoing basis, the majority of properties it develops for its clients.

Unique to the Canadian real estate industry, PenEquity’s relationship with its clients does not end at property development or property management. As an asset management company, PenEquity is committed to asset growth as a key measure of success – not just annualized rental income.

Development Management

Specializing in the development & management of large-scale destination retail / entertainment / mixed use centres as well as commercial and residential land development, PenEquity Realty Corporation is a driving force within the real estate service advisory market with a proven track record for success. By constantly innovating and creating new markets or repositioning existing markets to suit the needs of our investors, tenants, and that of the marketplace, we have achieved significant returns on investment. Our principal’s results, since 1984, speak for themselves.

  • Community Shopping Centres
  • Entertainment Centres
  • Large Format Retail
  • Mixed Used Developments
  • Urban Infill


Property Management & Oversight

PenEquity’s property management services go far beyond the day-to-day management of our clients’ developments and into all aspects of developing strategies that create value:

  • Development of annual business plans and the annual capital budgets.
  • Evaluation of insurance, licenses, leases and other operating contracts.
  • Development and review of market positioning
  • Marketing and communications planning
  • Brand Development and (Re)Positioning
  • Disposition of non- essential elements in a judicious manner
  • Leasing and re-tenanting
  • Construction services


Financial Control

Having developed and tenanted our clients’ properties from the outset, PenEquity is best positioned to monitor the financial performance of these developments. On a monthly basis, PenEquity’s team is providing the following services:

  • Budgeting, forecasting and reporting
  • Accounting and internal control
  • Tax filings – both real estate and corporate
  • Accounts payable management and receivable collections
  • Financial modeling and analysis of expansion or re-tenanting
  • Construction and permanent financing proposals and negotiations
  • Partnership restructuring and asset disposition consultation


Leasing Services

PenEquity’s Leasing Group is an integrated team of professionals. The team’s vast array of experience and skills help drive PenEquity’s success as a developer and manager of real estate assets in Canada. The Leasing Group ensures each of PenEquity’s developed properties are properly tenanted with the right mix of retailers and service providers to ensure the long term viability of each real estate asset. For the better part of the past three decades, PenEquity’s developments have remained current and vibrant in terms of both design and tenant mix. Over this timeline, these developments have experienced little to no vacancy, producing consistently high returns to their investors.

From pre-development market analysis to merchandise planning and lease up, accretive value is added during each step in the PenEquity leasing process. At the outset of the zoning and site plan approval stage, roles and responsibilities required for successful development and leasing are wholly integrated. This integration allows for the needs of the retail leasing market to be taken into consideration at the earliest possible stage of the development process.


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